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Papaya Extract Plant Origin: Carica PapayaPart Used: FruitSpecification: Papain 200000-800000IU(UV)(UV/ultraviolet light)CAS No.: 9001-73-4Molecular Weight: 21000Flash Point: 29ºCAppearance: Fine white to milky yellow powderDescription:Our papaya extract is made from Carica Papaya, a

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Papaya Extract
Plant Origin: Carica Papaya
Part Used: Fruit
Specification: Papain 200000-800000IU(UV)(UV/ultraviolet light)
CAS No.: 9001-73-4
Molecular Weight: 21000
Flash Point: 29ºC
Appearance: Fine white to milky yellow powder

Our papaya extract is made from Carica Papaya, a tropical fruit. The main active ingredient is Papain, a type of vegetable endolytic cysteine protease, has strong biological activity and the decomposing ability of protein. According to Papain Activity, we have 3 kinds of Papain:
1. Coarse-enzyme Papain:
White or light yellow powder
Papain Activity: 600000-900000u/g
Water Content: 8% max.
Ph value: 4.5-6.5, 1% papain coarse-enzyme papain solution 
2.Refined-enzyme Papain:
White or light yellow powder
Papain Activity: 2000000-3500000u/g
Water Content:5% max.
Microorganism: 10cfu/g max.
3. Liquid Papain:
Brown liquid
Papain Activity: 50000-3000000u/g
Ph value: 4.5-6.5, 1% papain liquid papain solution
Papain is a mixture of proteolytic enzymes derived from the juice of the unripe fruit of the tropical plant Caroica papaya, commonly known as papaya. Papain is a protein-cleaving enzyme derived from papaya and a few other plants. These enzymes are complex molecules produced in living organisms to catalyze (speed up) chemical reactions within cells. A number of digestive enzyme supplements are available.
As a purely natural, toxin-free vegetable protease, papain is widely used in following industries:
1. Pharmaceuticals: help ease swelling, alleviate inflammation, relieve pain, improve immunity, promote digestion and diminish intestinal parasite.
2. Cosmetics and daily chemicals: soap, facial cleanser, body wash,shampoo,etc, with papain ingredient, help whitening the skin, remove cuticle, making the skin soft and elastic, tender and full of vigor, Used in washing powder, hand wash, etc, helps care hands.
3. Food Industry: Papain can hydrolyze the animal and plant protein, as well as placenta and bean, thus , the papain can be made into softener for biscuits, tenderizer for meat and purifying agent for beer and wine ferment etc. It is widely used in wine brewing industry, soy making and beverage manufacturing industry.
4. Feed industry:Papain can be widely used as additives in the forages for such animals as pigs, oxen, sheep, chicks, ducks, geese, fish, shrimps, eels and cows to increase the availability and inversion of protein, decreasing gthe cost for forages and exploiting sources of protein.
5. Leather industry: The papain can be made into depilatory for tanning the leathers, making the products smooth and exquisite with good texture.
Relief of swelling and pain
Alleviating inflammation
Improving immunity
Promoting digestion and diminish intestinal parasite
Whitening the skin and remove cuticle
Making the skin soft and elastic
Widely used in wine brewing industry, soy making and beverage manufacturing industry
Used as additives in the forages
Used in Leather industry

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