Andrographis paniculata extract, andrographolide, camptothecin and belladonna extract

Andrographis Extract:1. Andrographolide: 10-80%2. Potassium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate: 98%3. Potassium Sodium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate: 98%4. Andrographolidi Natrii Bisulfis: 98%5. Dehydroandrographolide: 95%Product Name    Andrographis Extract  Latin nameAndrographis paniculataPart Use

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Andrographis Extract:
1. Andrographolide: 10-80%
2. Potassium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate: 98%
3. Potassium Sodium Dehydroandrograpolide Succinate: 98%
4. Andrographolidi Natrii Bisulfis: 98%
5. Dehydroandrographolide: 95%
Product Name    Andrographis Extract  Andrographis Extract, Andrographolide, Camptothecin & Belladonna Extract
Latin nameAndrographis paniculata
Part UsedLeaf
Active IngredientsAndrographolides  
Detection MothedUV
Extract SolventWater/Ethanol
Appearanc Brown  powder
Specfication  10%~98%  Andrographolides  
Analysis ItemsSpecificationsResult
Physical Control
Appearance & ColorBrown  powderConforms
Odor & TasteCharateristicConforms
Sieve AnalysisNLT 95% Pass 80 meshConforms
Chemical Control
Arsenic (As)NMT 1ppmConforms
Cadmium (Cd)NMT 1ppmConforms
Lead (Pb)NMT 3dppmConforms
Mercury(Hg)NMT 0.1ppmConforms
Heavy MetalNMT 10ppmConforms
Phosphate OrganicsNMT 1ppmConforms
Pesticides ResiduesNMT 1ppmConforms
Microorganism Control
Total Plate Count1000cfu/g MaxConforms
Total Yeast & Mold1000cfu/g MaxConforms
Salmonella AbsentAbsent
P.aerruginosa AbsentAbsent
S.aureus AbsentAbsent
AflatoxinsNMT 0.2ppbConforms
Packing and StoragePack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/drum.
Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature and no direct sun-light.
Shelf  Life2 years

Camptothecin 98%, 99%
10-Hydroxycamptothecin 98%, 99%
7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin 98%, 99%

Camptothecin is an alkaloid derived from the chinese tree Camptotheca acuminata Decne. Camptothecin and its derivatives are unique in their ability to inhibit DNA Topoisomerase I, by stabilizing a covalent reaction intermediate termed the cleavable complex which ultimately causes tumor cell death. In clinical it is widely believed that camptothecin analogs exhibited remarkable anti-tumour and anti-leukaemia activity. 
AppearanceLight Yellow powder
Odor Characteristic 
Loss on Drying≤1%
AssayHPLC camptothecin, 99% 
Sieve Analysis≥80mesh
Extract SolventAlcohol/water
Heavy Metal≤10PPM
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/g

Belladonna extract
1. Powder: Hyoscyamine 0.8%, 1.5%
2. Paste: 1.5%
AppearanceSepia powderGB5492Complies
Bulk densityReport dataCHP20100.31g/ml
Tap densityReport dataCHP20100.77g/ml
Loss on drying<8.0%CHP20104.70%
Particle Size100% pass through 80mesh CHP2010100%
Chemical Tests
Hyoscyamine(Based on (C17H23NO3)H2SO4H20)≥1%HPLC1.02%
Heavy metals<20ppmCOLORIMETRY CHP2010Complies
Lead<5ppmAFS GB/T 5009.12Complies
Arsenic<2ppmAFS GB/T 5009.11Complies
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count<100/mlCHP2010<10/ml
Yeast & Mold       <100/mlCHP2010<10/ml
E.Coli                    NegativeCHP2010Complies

Mycoplasma Storage: Store below 30oC, away from direct sunlight, keep out of the reach of children.
Package: 25kg/drum or As your request.
Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.
Delivery: Within two weeks after receiving your prepayment.

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1. Mixed container, we can mix different items in one container.
2. Quality control, before shipment, free sample for test. After shipment, keep sample for 3 years
3. Prompt shipment with professional documents
4. Packing as your request, with photo before shipment.

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