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Apple Root ExtractBotanical Source: Malus pumila Mill.Part Used: RootCAS No.: 60-81-1Ingredient: Phlorizin, PhloridzinMolecular Formula: C21H24O10Molecular Weight: 436.41 g/molSpecifications: Phloridzin 40%, 60%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 98% by HPLCAppearance: F

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Apple Root Extract
Botanical Source: Malus pumila Mill.
Part Used: Root
CAS No.: 60-81-1
Ingredient: Phlorizin, Phloridzin
Molecular Formula: C21H24O10
Molecular Weight: 436.41 g/mol
Specifications: Phloridzin 40%, 60%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 98% by HPLC
Appearance: Fine White to off-white crystalline powder.

Phloridzin is a kind of dihydrochalcone mainly found in the plants of the genus Malus Mill. KINGHERBS' Phloridzin is extracted from the apple root. The current literature suggests that Phloridzin has a wide variety of biological activities, including the anti hypoglycemic effect, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer. Phloridzin can be widely used in foods, health care products and pharmaceuticals.

Phloridzin can lower the blood glucose, it Inhibits the glucose transporter carrier (SGLTs & GLUTs) to transport the glucose molecules. It is also a kind of natural sweetening agent, which can be a good sugar substitute for the people with diabetes.

Phloridzin is popular used in cosmetic fields. Anti-aging and skin-whitening are the focus problems in the beauty products. The hydrolysate of Phloridzin is phloretin, which can inhibit tyrosinase activity competitively, and Interfere with the synthesis of melanin.

Phloridzin can prevent inflammation caused by osteoporosis effectively. It can also play the role of natural phytoestrogens, two-ways regulating estrogens, and prevent the disease.

Main functions:
Anti-oxidation; Anti-aging;
Anti-inflammation; Anti-cancer;
Lower blood glucose;
Eliminate free radicals;
Memory improvement;
Protect the nervous system and cardiovascula.

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